Hemingway is claimed to have written the world’s saddest six-word novel.

He’s got nothing on mine:

I spilled water on my MacBook.

Beat that for sub-seven-word tragedy.

I’m also traveling, so this comes to you thumbs-on-iPhone. Hence, brevity. A quote from The Art Spirit I read every day before I start writing:

There is nothing so important as art in the world, nothing so constructive, so life-sustaining. I would like you to go to your work with a consciousness that it is more important than any other thing you might do. It may have no great commercial value, but it has an inestimable and lasting life value. People are often so affected by outside opinion that they go to their most important work half hearted or half ashamed.
Go to your work because it is the most important living to you. Make great things—as great as you are. Work always as if you were a master, expect from yourself a masterpiece.

OK? Do that while I go to the Apple Store.

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