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Hey, thanks for subscribing! I know you’re taking a bit of a risk here, because, who is this guy? Right? And why does he want to send me emails? If he were charging me for this, I’d understand his motivation, but since these are free, that means it’s like that thing they always say about Facebook and I’m the product and I don’t want to be a product!

Yep, it’s enough to drive a person crazy. I know the feeling well. All I can say is, I like sharing the occasional extended thought about reading, writing, learning, knowledge, and the areas where technology intersects with those four. And I’m not on social media, so this is kind of the only outlet I’ve got. I have nothing to sell you. I have no one to sell you to. I wouldn’t know how.

Of course, I might always get acquired, because if corporations are people they can certainly acquire people. Then you’d really be up a creek. That’s what the unsubscribe button is for, I guess.

Anyway, I send a new essay once a week, usually on Saturday or Sunday.

In the meantime, why don’t you go write something and send it to me for free? See how you like it for once.

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