maven game: left-handed edition

Finally, you’re thinking (assuming you’re left-handed): a Maven Game written just for me. Left-handed people are finally getting the respect and attention they deserve.

Yes, I’ve carefully constructed this week’s email to suit the distinct needs and preferences of my left-handed readers. The ideas, inspiration, the obscure references—every aspect of today’s newsletter is a custom fit for the Sinister Few. I even typed these words using, among other things, my left hand.

Advice is general; people are specific. If you want to get through to some folks, you simply have to frame your advice as though it was designed just for them.

Treat people the way you’d like to be treated.


Sure, I guess. But:

Treat customers the way you’d like to be treated.

—Best-selling Business Author

Now you’re talking.

I do none of these things, of course.

I treat you, the loyal left-handed readers of this newsletter, the way I would like to be treated.

—David Moldawer, Best-selling Newsletter Writer

Never underestimate the power of this effect. I saw it as a book editor and I saw it with online courses. Marketing is all well and good, but Marketing for People Who Sell Stuff to Customers enters TED talk territory.  People prefer advice that is explicitly labeled just for them, however they identify. It doesn’t matter if you initially crafted the advice with them in mind and it doesn’t matter if the very same advice applies to many other groups of people. Sure, everyone goes to heaven, but if all dogs go to heaven, you’ve got yourself a very respectable 6.7 score on iMDb

So, to all you left-handers: Even if it feels like you’re saying the same thing, it’s worth the effort of repeating yourself to reach a different group of people.

Next week, back to our regularly scheduled right-handed programming.