you are cool and important

I know I don’t write these very often. It’s not that I don’t have fascinating things to share all the time. Rather, I employ a deliberate content strategy based on artificial scarcity. Like DeBeers does with diamonds. Is it working? …hello?

I gave the site a quick design refresh. If you’re recommending this to a friend, you know what to do.

(That was a trap. We never recommend the Maven Game, remember?)

Also, rocket scientist and law professor Ozan Varol interviewed me for his new Famous Failures project. (I didn’t have the heart to tell him about the famous part.)

Creativity isn’t about keeping your nose clean; it’s about getting into trouble.

—Jeffrey Tambor

My son and I went to see Wonder Woman this weekend. (My wife was too busy taking care of our daughter. Men, amirite?)

There’s a moment in the film—no spoilers—when our heroes are pinned down in a British trench along the Western Front. Diana wants to go help some innocent people in the distance. Her “guy-Lois” Steve mansplains to her that the ground between trenches is known as “No Man’s Land” for a reason.

No man can cross it!” (Emphasis Chris Pine’s, bless him.)

Can you imagine a better setup for Wonder Woman to pop on her Amazonian tiara and charge a machine gun nest? You can’t, don’t bother.

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