how to package your book

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Authors stumble when it comes to titling their work. “Titling,” mind you, not “naming.” Naming says what it is to you, the author. Titling tells readers what it might be to them. Subtle but important distinction.

On the traditional publishing side, we’d lump title, subtitle, and cover design under the general heading of “packaging.”

(So if anyone ever told you that you have a nice package, they were talking about your book. Don’t have a book? Write a book.)

So the book is a package, and the author’s work is the stuff inside the package, like ground-up pig-lips in a sausage casing.

(Some days I struggle to coin metaphors but today it’s coming easily.)

Authors usually enter the publishing process thinking of the whole book, inside and out, as Their Work. This a belief system that is both perfectly understandable and destined to end in sadness and chaos—like pick-up artistry, or libertarianism.

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